Thank you greatly for representing me; I could not have asked for a better person to assist with this case. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with you and your abilities. I appreciate your patience, willingness to answer my questions, your honesty and guidance. I am truly appreciative of all you have helped me with.
— Mike and Carolee S.
I want to thank you both for all that you have done for me over the years. For me it has been a long 3 years.

The time that you have put in on my behalf is so appreciated, you have no idea. Thank you. I feel like my life has been validated now.

Again, thank you so much for your time and caring.
— Chester W.
I don’t know if I can explain how much you helped me through so many years of ups and downs. Thank you for always having, or I should say making time to listen. Please know how much your kindness helped me.
— Jayne W.
I thought “our” anniversary would be a good time to say thank you for all you’ve done for me. The shock still resonates! Thank you again, you are two wonderful people.
— Tami W.
Now that my case has resolved, I am going to miss talking to you. You are like family to me.
— James L.
I would highly recommend Doug Kaplan and his office to anyone who has a workers’ compensation case with an injury that affects them. You will receive the highest quality legal representation from an experienced and compassionate team of professionals. Thank you Doug, and all those that worked so diligently on my case.
— Mike R.
Your representation allowed me to “move on” with my life. I will always be grateful for your professionalism, courtesy, and speed in the handling of my case. I would recommend your firm to anyone with a Workers’ Compensation case.
— Robert C.
You were always available and timely with your communications by phone and email. You were patient with me and willing to answer any question I had, but most importantly, you were honest and upfront with me about my options. Your ability to recognize the most important points in my case made my case a success.
— Alicia H.
Thanks so much for your support and expertise in settling my workers’ compensation case. Your integrity was greatly appreciated.
— Grace C.
Case is complete. Ben did amazing job. Thank you so much. I owe you.
— Robert M.